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Our children are essential to the future of the community, they’re the shining light. We strive to keep their light strong by teaching them coping mechanisms, impeccable work ethic, fitness routines, nutrient intake, and providing them with the necessities for their life purpose. 


WE are creating a community for children, in order to give them that extra push or boost of confidence. WE have programs that will provide computer labs, libraries, and mentors for the students who are missing the tools for their growth. WE strive for their creativity and passion to flow through them, to know they are loved and they are worthy.  Join us on this journey to becoming Leaders of the Future.


Choose your Destiny!!


  • Financial Literacy Class (FDIC) Money Smart Program (10) Courses for Youth

    • See Website

    • At Own Pace

    • We provide tablets and computer labs if students  don’t have access

  • Pre- Adult Employment Services

    • Resume Building

    • Career Fair for young adult employment within the community

    • See transportation

  • Knowledge for College

    • When it comes to college, for many people it comes with excitement. However, not everyone knows what you need to do to get there. We have excellent mentors to help guide students through their college preparation. 

      • College application essay guidance

      • College application (How to? Payment help?)

      • Information on dual credit/ap courses (Getting your associates in high school)

      • Career goals (Do I want to go to college? If not, why? (Scared of affordability, lack of passion: maybe community college will be a good start for students who are unsure or aren’t able to afford at the moment) Do I want to do a trade instead? What is your dream or vision?)

      • Provide volunteer opportunities for students (looks good on college application)

      • What High school courses should be taken in order to prepare for college? 

      • FAFSA guidance

      • Loan guidance

      • Scholarship and grant guidance

  • Transportation Project

    • Want to work, but have no transportation 

      • Bus passes

      • Community lyft app: Car pool, volunteer within the community

      • Non-profit  Van: Hire Driver, First come, first serve basis. Have more than one, if possible

  • Mentoring Project

    • VOLUNTEERS: Like big brother, big sis

    • I want programs written out, if we don’t have enough mentors. This way youth can still get the information they need and won't be without. 

  • Family Reunification

    • Tough times at home? 

      • Therapy sessions, healing sessions for everyone in the household, job help (if parent or child needs), help with basic necessities 

  • Basic Need Project (Food, Housing assistance, utilities, and clothing)

    • Government documentation

    • Food stamps, pantry, and soup kitchen

    • Clothing donation drop off

    • Guidance in finding a job and somewhere to live

    • I want community showers ( if we can’t find somewhere for someone to live, they’ll at least have somewhere to shower for work )

      • Get a key card, have to follow cleanliness rules

    • Community bathrooms and water

  • Categorized Group Homes

    • Mandated Self-help courses

      • Chores

      • Teaching acceptance

      • Culture awareness

      • Morals

      • Guidance

      • Therapy

      • Showing them they are loved, and it doesn’t matter where they come from, they can make it

      • Healing  

  • After school programs: 

    • Fitness

      • Group Qigong for wellness and body healing

      • Group yoga

      • Group meditation

      • Fitness training

        • Boxing

        • BJJ

        • Circuit Training

          • Body Weight Exercises

          • Jump Ropes

        • Dance Classes

      • Sports Coaches

        • Financial help towards gyms if needed

        • Basketball

        • Soccer

        • Baseball

        • Football

        • Wrestling

        • Track

        • See about using highschool gym/field

    • Art

      • Art Supplies

    • Tutoring

      • Minimum 5 Volunteers Daily

        • Mathematics

        • Essay Writing

        • Building studying skills and concentration

    • Leadership Skills

      • How to be successful?

        • Start with building a strong body, mind, and spirit

          • This is a daily struggle even into adulthood

          • Keep that peace within you and everything will flow

        • Work ethic, nothing comes easy

        • If this is your dream, don’t quit. We all hit lows sometimes, it's how we handle ourselves in those lows that separates us from stagnation vs empowerment.

    • Accounting, Business, economics, marketing, interview help

      • Monday-Thursday Zoom Calls 6:30pm

    • Foreign Language

      • Spanish

      • ASL

    • Learn a trade

      • Soap Making

      • Carpentry

      • Welding??

      • Picture taking

      • What inspires you?

  • Healing Therapy (Energy Work)

    • Healing Program

    • Kam type this part, its her baby

  • Healthy Living

    • What nutrients should I be taking?

    • How can I eat healthy for cheap?

      • Affordable healthy tasting meals

  • Sustainability Food Program


  • Student Volunteer Program

    • Metroplex Hospital

    • Scott and White Hospital

    • The Rosewood Retirement Community

    • Mission Soup Kitchen 205 W Ave C (254)634-8322

    • Food Care Center Killeen Texas

    • Leaders of the Future: Community Clean Up

    • Leaders of the Future: High School students mentoring middle school students

      • Tutoring

Financial Literacy Class (FDIC) Money Smart Program (10) Courses For Youth

Pre-adult employment services

Knowledge for College


Transportation Project

Mentoring  Project

Family Reunification


Basic need project (food, housing assistance, utilities, and clothing)

4 Classes per year with 5+ Clients in each class

Recruit employers

Resume preparation, conduct mock interview and job search assistance

Bus tickets/Gas cards/other vehicle expenses


Clients are matched with a mentor

Family mentoring services



Opportunities provided to assist clients with basic needs


Opportunities for mandated community service

Clients awarded a free tablets. Helps clients become financially literate

Prepare youth for the employment world



Availability for college information


Transport to appointment and/or services



Provide ongoing follow-up and support


Families receive one-on-one and/or group sessions

Ongoing basic needs assistance for youth

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